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Quality and Comfort
GOODNITE resounds with quality comfort and superior sleeping assurance.

The Goodnite® brand was established in 1989 with one mission in mind — to offer better, healthier sleep to customers with its mattresses. The brand believes that a good-night sleep is the key to healthier living.

It is a trusted brand name and enjoys a good reputation for creating quality, innovative and affordable mattresses as well as other bedding products for over 29 years in the bedding industry. Over the years, GOODNITE have expanded into a leading bedding manufacturer in the Malaysian domestic and international scene. GOODNITE takes the challenge upon themselves, promising a good life by conjuring blissful and restful nights for all of its customers. Every aspects of its mattresses, whether it is the conception design, assemblage of materials or incorporated technology, it seamlessly integrated for a single purpose - to create the perfect bedtime companion one can rely on for life.

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