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Furniture has been by us all the time,
"furniture" was necessary to make life fun for the ideal life.


Takano Woodwork started in 1942 in Okawa City, Fukuoka Pref. Tansu furniture to protect clothing and memories for many years. Takano woodworkers always think about 10 or 20 years, "memories stay" together with their daily lives.

For that purpose, it must be strong and delicate first , and it is a design that does not get bored and must make life fun. With that thought in mind, we started to create furniture in total.
Takano woodwork furniture is not just functioning as a thing "Furniture to record memories" I hope to be a gently watching beside my family. "Record of the family" arrived while using the wounds of the main pillar that was in the old house, scars made angrily, angry scars, like marks of oily magic pens that were attached when comparing backs with brothers .

If you can immerse in such memories through furniture, and if you can help to make your life more attractive ....

With such wishes, I am making it with the hands of warm people today.


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