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"BRIDGE" makes a beautiful living scenery.
A collaboration between the Danish furniture designer Hans Sandgren Jakobsen and Asahi Wood Processing, it combines the beautiful lines of Scandinavian with Japan’s artisan skill in details. It is how we enjoy the living and our commitment to the making of Nordic people's character. Their everyday life filled with common sense of values ​​and aesthetics, such as feelings to cherish things and delicate sensitivity to nature, sounded gently to our hearts. BRIDGE is a new standard for high-quality everyday furniture, born of such longing and respect for the Northern Europe style.

The charm of BRIDGE is the inheriting of the Nordic design spirit and of it's discreet beauty. The natural and modern atmosphere created by functional simple design, beautiful wood grain and texture is also familiar to the Japanese interior concept. It gently lived up our life in response to everyday use.

A lively life where smiles gather. Every day with calm natural living.
A comfortable living surrounded by our everyday favorite things.

The existence of BRIDGE brightens our lives. It will become more treasured by us, by living more carefully and thoughtfully. A living landscape that can be built up in the days that continues to today, tomorrow, and the future. Here's a luxurious everyday life that we want you to experience as adults who knew the importance of having time by our side.


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