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SHIRAKAWA first started in 1954 as a lumber mill, and in 1978 it converted the sawmill business to be the furniture manufacturing industry. With this expertise, and as consumers required improvement of quality, function and design to the furniture, the company is very particular about the way to obtain excellent materials with their "quality rather than quantity" designs. Utilizing the special “bentwood technique”, it strives to be the “only one and number one” that achieves delicate details and beautifully curved wood surfaces. SHIRAKAWA are confident in the quality of their furniture. The furniture is manufactured based on quality control with many years of experience and achievement. It is a manufacturer authorized by the Japan Furniture Industry Promotion Organization as General Manufacturer's Association as a manufacturer that produces domestic furniture considering the point of "safety, security and environment"

Philosophy of SHIRAKAWA manufacturing - "100 years modern"
We are always thinking that we want to make genuine products that anticipate the era that is not influenced by market trends.
It is born with high insight to judge the essence as a tool of living and skill that can be proud as a modern artist.
A warm feeling close to the human sensibility, robustness that can be used forever, design that does not get tired of high identity · · ·.
We named it "100 years modern".
"I want to make furniture that does not make old feeling even 100 years" and equipped with "toughness to use 100 years", "I want to make loving furniture that I want to continue to use for a long time while repairing" Wish that.
Based on the concept of "100 Year Modern", in SHIRAKAWA, we will continue to carefully consider the essence of manufacturing, cherish pride as a modern artist, and create a new tradition.


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Exclusive for In-Store Purchase Only In order to use it for a long time with peace of mind, SHIRAKAWA furniture are subject to "10 year warranty" from...