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TISCHLEREI (Tischler) is a brand all about original furniture, selecting cherished and warm solid wood. "Tischler" has a meaning of "furniture craftsman" in German. Tischler's long loved furniture,  is filled with a lot of commitment - using only wood of good condition directly chosen by craftsmen. Depending on the condition of the wood, even if the same painting method is used, how the paint enters changes such as a big influence on the finishing.

Tischler uses only good quality materials ranging from wood, paint and adhesive. Wood is carefully selected from the reliable wood shop to purchase good quality items, natural paint and adhesive which are the highest safety standards concerning formaldehyde release amount. In Tischler, the furniture are "FSC certified material", so as not to use such illegally harvested timber - making efforts that take into consideration of the natural environment, such as utilizing the surplus wood as effectively as possible.


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