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NECO SEKAI which colorfully colors life with a cat is a select shop for love cats and cat lovers. There are real stores in Kichijoji and Ikebukuro. We searched for kittens that we wanted to have as a family member, picked snacks and breeding goods for gifts for love cats, cats with motifs, cats and sundries, and the inside of the store was a cat. It is a shop where you can enjoy both people who keep cats and people who do not keep them.

In NECO SEKAI, we are also focusing on developing original products specially for cats. "The NECO SEKAI item is a brand that was born on the basis of knowledge because it is a feline that deals with various kinds of cats, and can be sympathized if you like cats." The design that made use of the characteristics of such a catch in function and the landscape of the owner's room were destroyed We always try to keep simple and modern product designs.


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