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Founded in Shizuoka in 1927, MK Maeda has created many interior furniture closely related to daily life with awareness of the high quality that always takes the world into consideration with original design and outstanding technical power.

Innovative challenge with creative design and prominent technology has been the hallmark of MK Maeda since 1927. To evaluate with poise and calmness in a consumer society where merchandise are constantly updated information are prevalent, a new innovative era is called for - the origins to be revisited, the essence to be reconsidered. Customers views and tastes are of paramount importance.

MK Maeda contributes designs and interior to the vision of the customer and tear down any barriers or preconceptions constantly reassessing foundation and identity, constantly evolving, moving with the times. MK Maeda serve to fulfill the lifestyle people longed for providing comfort, safety and immaculate design.

Many of the designs have modern and urban images, and they have a wealth of lineups ranging from living and dining to furniture for kitchen and office. It is adopted as an art set of numerous programs including TV drama like "ATARU", etc. and directs the smart life of the characters.

Noteworthy is the fact that there are many functional rich products that are excellent in maintainability and storage capacity. It is possible to meet high satisfactory furniture that stylish design and high quality unique to musical performance makers combine.


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