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TAKASHO was founded in 1980, aiming to become a global high-touch garden, a lifestyle maker of the garden living, with a business theme of Heart & Art (creating a space with peace) while disseminating the culture of the garden to the world. From the end of the war, clothing, food, living and living have improved, and after the house, the living in the garden becomes a keyword, and we have considered that the balance of both the house and the garden, the living of the family, becomes important. Takasho also mentioned the theme "to be moved by the heart" as a concept of "wind, light, water, green", those who sell products that require design and construction, and those who want to buy and enjoy themselves Homuyu to sell goods for over and vinegar, we strive to develop in the two divisions are roughly.

TakaShow Europe, a subsidiary in the EU, is the basis of global expansion, and has grown significantly and now it has been sold to nearly 3,000 retail outlets. As China, South Korea, Taiwan are expanding sales to professional and home use markets, expectations are increasing more and more in the future. Let's create a healthy and happy people's life together and a rich future of society together through the garden business.

Many of the items we deal with the Takasho Group are combinations of heavy objects, bulky items and long objects, but we would like to ask our customers to make the living in the garden a happy smile and family joy, a space full of fun, I pridefully believe that wisdom for that, sweat and heart, and thoughts on people are our best products. That is the "living garden" that we propose.

In addition, Takasho's cherish is that "people make the future, everything is made by people" is the word. I'd like to encourage you to understand Takasho's thoughts and grow as a company that contributes to a wonderful environment and cultural industries. We look forward to your continued guidance and encouragement in the future.


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