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KOIZUMI Sangyo Co., Ltd. was founded in 1716 Osaka, Japan as a manufacturer of lighting equipment and furniture manufacturing, sales, research and development by its furniture business department as started in 2006.

In the Learning / Study Desk Series that had developed, it captured the industry's top class share and established the brand as "Study Desk of KOIZUMI". Each year, having a wide range of line-ups, delivering products that are both top quality and fulfilling functionally to children's rooms in Japan. Many of the functions and concepts originating from the series are also driving the furniture industry making KOIZUMI a top developer of study desks. With the know-how as a study desk maker, it entered the office market with the Small Office · Home Office (SOHO) Series for adults. In planning ahead, KOIZUMI are developing the living support furniture business such as furniture and electric beds for elderly, which looks to support the aged as they enter the second phase of their lives.

Through providing environmentally sensitive products and services that contribute to richer lives for people by scientific research, as well as promoting healthier and safer living, KOIZUMI supports the creation of a comfortable life and living space.

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