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Setta are sandal-type, traditional Japanese footwear which have been worn since the Muromachi Period (1392-1573). Because they are very comfortable, by the end of the 18th century they had become popular among the common people, with their clicking sound considered stylish.

YAMATO KOBO is located in Misato-cho, Nara. Over the years, the specialized skills of Setta craftsmen have become more valued, and the Setta made in Nara are attracting rising attention. In modern day Japan, Nara-made Setta are worn not only by the successors of traditional culture such as kabuki actors and sumo wrestlers but also by ordinary people when they wear kimono for ceremonial occasions or at traditional festive events.

The Setta of YAMATO KOBO assure the comfortableness and ease of wear. YAMATO KOBO wants people to wear Setta more casually and it started producing fashionable Setta. The footwear is being seen in modern Japanese fashion, with young people wearing Setta with a casual t-shirt and jeans.


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