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"The modern interior that Bellaconte creates is not just" the beauty of the form "that stimulates human sensibility and sensation.The effective combination of modern functional materials makes it possible for adults Making a mode of realization "is realized."

Creative Director Hiroshi Mori

"Our designers have received many hints from their daily lives, enjoying meals with family and camping with friends, watching movies at holiday museums and shopping, leisurely at home, etc. With such usual scenery The concept of Bella Conte brand is proposing "various ways of choosing furniture" that positively accepts the layer of various experiences of such 20 people's experiences, actively accepting the contrast of life. It is a challenge to ask the world with this brand that the user gets a chance to "oppose" their own aesthetic sense by knowing their own life. "

Tais design

tais design (Thais design)

A design duo formed after the establishment of bellacontte.

"Tais" is an anagram that combines each initial letter, "From two people / project / in problem / in design" straight from "thinking".

Tadahito Ishibashi (Isao Iboshi) / Left 

major electronics manufacturer, business consulting company After working for independence. Its activities range from household appliances to domestic and foreign clients, furniture design and branding direction. 

Takayuki Hiroaki / 

Chief art director of the right big household appliance maker. Mainly specializing in product design such as housing, home electronics, AV etc, but familiar with European interior and furniture design circumstances from the experience of assigning to London. 


Both Good Design Awards, German IF Awards, Red Dot Design Awards, National Awards Awards, etc. are won numerous awards.

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