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Made in Japan

Japanese culture, customs, and livelihoods have been rapidly changing and growing from the 1950s to the present age.

What can we produce and what can we leave behind? What is good furniture? What is good living. Since its founding in 1959, we constantly made furniture in a single step, facing furniture seriously while asking the times.

Beauty that you want to touch, functionality that you feel when using it, other ideas that you can not imagine and unexpected surprises. They have been nurtured by the variety of experiences that have been cultivated by keeping furniture making and the pleasure of customers who use our furniture.

Attention to trees and quest for new materials. And it feels like it can only be reached by modern machinery and equipment, and it is conveyed only by human handicrafts. We aim to make something that connects feelings of making and using through furniture, we will continue to make something comfortable and happy for everyone's daily life.

Originally it was unusual at that time to manufacture western furniture and started from export 100%. And when we came to mass production era, we were in the form of conveyor type production which is totally different from the present. To take a form suitable for the era. Every time there is a big change in the flow of time, we have changed the style of making things and have grown up. And now, we are also challenging the style of making new things. It does not change according to the "constantly changing" time, but by constantly changing like the everyday raises the metabolism of the production plant, always aware of the preparations to be able to endure major changes in the times doing.

There is no such thing as "FUJI FURNITURE likeness" to us. A new lineup born accidentally and inevitably inevitable by collaborating with many designers and other industry type manufacturers. A single brand will create a brand with a live feeling by mixing things that only become noise. It captures the era more intuitively than being captured by something. I know the importance of challenging because I have repeated experience, failures and successes many times. Instead of protecting it, you need to jump into the stimulus, which inevitably remains. I believe that these repetitions will solidify the "likeness" that will become the core of "FUJI FURNITURE" anyway.


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