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Designed By : Mr  Mitsunori Kawai​

MINO, Japanese black walnut solid wood furniture series. The artisan of the mountains of Hida Takayma, is crafted by hand, and the other is not known is the process of dyeing of Kakishibu, a traditional Japanese dyeing technique that began in the Edo period around the 10th century. Use still young persimmon to take out the fruit juice as a dye. Juice must be fermented for more than 3 years. As a dyed dye with a natural anti-corrosion effect, but also has a waterproof effect and pest control effect can provide enhanced function, so that furniture is more durable. This dye is characterized by the longer the color will be a little bit lighter, will produce a unique elegance of your own feeling.

MINO does not use a screw and it is made of the whole combination of mortise and tenon joint. The sturdiness of these furniture is unquestionable more durable. Another point of Mino entire series are, specially retained the natural wood dumb face texture, if you like furniture with a little RAW natural texture, MINO will be your best choice.


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