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Our mission is to create a more comfortable living space for residences, think about what the true value of furniture is, carefully grasp the needs of society and the times, quality furniture, rich living and comfort for human beings Creating, widely contributing to society and developing forever.

In addition, we aim to create a company that can feel "happiness" with our employees.

Hokkaido Asahikawa keeps raising the city and continues to work on furniture making.

Its history begins with the fact that many buildings are needed by the station of the division in the late Meiji era, and good furniture craftsmen from Honshu settled together.

Furniture production has developed as a serious industry of Asahikawa since it became more reliable quality by utilizing the good material that the Daisetsuyama system fosters.

We also have a workshop with superior craftworkers in the area of ​​Asahikawa which is said to be the origin of this Japanese furniture, and we are pursuing furniture to live in the life.

With the frontier spirit that has been cultivated in Asahikawa, I love the forest of this area and thinking from when I tilt the voice of the tree. It is the origin of our furniture making.

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