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Neck Massager

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*Power supply: 100V


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A long-awaited cordless appeared from "TOR" series

Massage device to use together around the neck and waist so as to carry the body on the back. Two kinds of massage function of fir and Tataki and a heater solve muscle rest and fatigue. It is a rechargeable cordless specification that you can use easily anywhere, compatible with the interior, it is also characterized by a chic and calm design based on gray.

Tataki Masumi ™ unit equipped with two functions "Tataki" and "Momi" easily massages the shoulder and waist. The function of the rugged and powerful firma and the ability to tap the taunt and firmly are authentic factions like human hands. You can hold two belts in both hands, lower it from the shoulder, or hit the waist. In the back part where the body touches, a hold urethane structure is adopted, and massage can be received in a stable posture while firmly supporting the head and waist.

Built-in battery, can be used with cordless. Approximately 1 hour continuous use is possible with about 3 hours of charging.