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Lourdes Premium Massage Cushion Double Momi

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◆ Momentum like to melt with two mechanisms
V fit system that fits perfectly with the curve of the body and eight equipment with chopsticks double (double). 

· V fit system 
The unit of the massage moves freely and fits perfectly with the curve of the body. 
With movement with depth, we realized a stereoscopic deep comfort like never before. 

· W Mo mi function 
Equipped with eight luxurious balls with version upgraded shape and mechanism. 

◆ Equipped with eight heaters with
built-in massage ball heater built in 8 luxurious balls. 

◆ Vertical, Horizontal, two ways to use
It was the shape that faced the curved surface such as neck, shoulder, back, waist. 
Please change the vertical and horizontal to find your comfortable position. 

· Vertical 
massage 8 massage balls massage a wide range at once. 

· Horizontal style 
massage simultaneously neck and shoulder, shoulder and back. 
Fit at the same time using the tone of V. 

◆ 3 automatic program installation
operation is easy one button. You can switch between the 3 modes just by pressing the button. 
By changing the speed and changing the garnish up and down, realizing a variety of comfort. 

· Random mode: Combine forward rotation and speed regulation and fuse it. 

· Rhythm Shiatsu Mode: Introducing short stop intervals & motion, rhythm often gently scoops.

· Loose mode: Momentarily gently strokes forward and reverse slowly and repeatedly. 

◆ Specifications sticking to details ◆
Hooks at the four corners to fit the body and design fasteners with a charm are specific specifications. 

◆ Safe and Safe Design
Because it automatically stops in about 15 minutes, it is safe to go to bed. 

◆Cover is removable and washable. You can always keep it clean. 

AX-HCL 288d

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