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Spam Stool

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"Spam Stool" - Light Color, Light Design Stool.

"Spam Stool" is a light color that is easy to match any styling, and a light design designed to make it stand out.
You can choose from two kinds of width size, 6 color seat and 4 color legs respectively, and you can create contrast by different material as you like.

The legs are made of steel.
There are two types of seating surfaces, one made of thrust plate. You can feel the touch and warmth of natural wood from the seating surface.

Item Name: Spam Stool
Designer Name: Tais design
Country of Origin: Japan

Sizes available:   
  • Width 420 × Depth 340 × Height 430 mm
  • Width 600 × Depth 340 × Height 430 mm


Select material and color contrast according to your preference.

The contrast of "spam stool" produced by your preference is quite different.
And in order to be according to your preference, its light colors match widely to the rooms your guests imagine.

Steel legs are light gray color on the natural white oak veneer seat surface.
Because it is a combination of colors that are bright and easy to match various colors, it also naturally fits around the color.

The contrast of the heavy mid gray on the legs on the protruding seat surface of the walnut material with a chic and adult atmosphere. 
It is a combination that releases a firm presence in space with contrast by contrast material and steel different materials.

A single color stool combining a cherry-colored seat surface with white oak material and a cherry-colored leg that is the same color.
It is a combination which becomes the spice which works well with contrast of different material which is the same color but stands out. 
It is also good to take a little playfulness into the living space with a light color.

This is also the same color combination. However, the impression that changes only with a change in color changes like this.
The seat surface shines with a mirror finish "DH laminate" mid gray color. It also becomes a stool that asserts its presence strongly by coordinating legs with the same color.

Besides "spam stool", Bellacontte items are those which can select the color of your choice and create contrast by combination of different materials. 
By total coordinating the living space with other Bellacontte items and "spam stool", it is possible to produce a high-quality space filled with contrast that complement each other's presence.


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42cm or 60cm