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Bellacontte means "beautiful (bella) contrast (contte)". It was named for "beautiful contrast" born by meeting two different elements.

Beautiful "Contrast" born from different materials "High quality" to make use of different materials "Finish" "Modern Form" to stimulate sensibility. Something that meets all of them is furniture of Veraconte and it will be the identity of Veraconte.

This contrast is not a contrast between simple white and black, but contrast produced by the same color and same material. We propose "Furniture to enjoy everyday contrast" that is not captured by conventional furniture design practice.



A bench that makes the seat of the fabric like a bridge like a solid frame and the design where the outset leg asserts the presence of the tree and a simple silhouette makes the goodness of the item. 

The frame can be selected from three colors of white oak, walnut, mid gray and the fabric can be selected from a variety of 75 color variations to create an original bench to express personality.


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