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Bellacontte means "beautiful (bella) contrast (contte)". It was named for "beautiful contrast" born by meeting two different elements.

Beautiful "Contrast" born from different materials "High quality" to make use of different materials "Finish" "Modern Form" to stimulate sensibility. Something that meets all of them is furniture of Veraconte and it will be the identity of Veraconte.

This contrast is not a contrast between simple white and black, but contrast produced by the same color and same material. We propose "Furniture to enjoy everyday contrast" that is not captured by conventional furniture design practice.

Light sofa floating with solid wood supported. You can use it as a side table, as well as a straight and beautiful mirror surface board. 

Back panel · Seat surface from mid gray and silky ash. 

Solid wood body frame from three colors of white oak, walnut, mid gray (urethane painted white oak). 

You can choose "bridge sofa" with your own contrast only by choosing from each of the 8 colors, each of which is divided into three ranks of cushions made up of different materials. 


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2P: 161cm, 2P L/R: 1760cm, 3P: 193cm, 3P L/R:208cm
Seat Height