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CORRETTO means “accurate” and“polite” in Italian words.
As its name indicate, CORRETTO designed as aim to throw polite impression through the common 5 slits details.
CORRETTO is high grade series but has compact size.
Also, this series is designed for efficient use of limited living space like apartment.

Delicate detail finish which produced by many years’ experience of Japanese handmade woodwork and newest technology like Numerical Control is representative woodwork in Japan.
Main material is North American walnut and red oak. For the purpose of emphasize the beauty of wood grain, used those material wood pith as it is.

About product coating, used made in Japan special oil. This oil is hard to color fall and superior to water repellent, so that hard to get ring stain. Therefore, can maintain fresh product look like newly made.

For the design purpose, we don't use spring to sofa cushion. But fully considered about comfortable feeling, CORRETTO sofa is made by 3 layer urethane foam and feather.

Put feather to the top of layer and put hard urethane foam as it goes down. This structure took load pressure from soft layer to hard layer. It makes sofa more natural comfortable sitting feeling. We used made in Belgium special cement which called "MORTEX" to a part of Round Chair.

As above, CORRETTO series is high class total furniture series which designed to have great quality and feature, and fit to Yoshikei new luxury brand series.


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