NDstyle - Straightforward design, quality without deception
NDstyle is by Noda Sangyo, established since 1972 in Gifu Prefecture, Japan

"Furniture creation that coordinates the entire space" is the consistent product concept of NDstyle. Not only does each series have a total character, but you can also naturally coordinate items from different series. Rather than chasing new products one after another, we aim to create constantly evolving standard products while accumulating what we have been working on.

The goal of NDstyle is to create products that connect the satisfaction of our users to our satisfaction from furniture development to its production and distribution. We want to be a quality manufacturer with a perspective of creating valuable furniture that can be delivered to users and for users to attached to the furniture that can be used for a long time. To that end, we value conversation. In addition to listening to the voices of users and dealers, we also want to be proactive in disseminating our thoughts and initiatives in an open manner. With that, we strives to establish high-quality communication with the development department and the production department, to practice "Good manufacturing from good conversation". We aim for a high quality standard that only NDstyle can deliver.

NDstyle's own factory based in Dalian, China.
Good things don't need nationality. In search of a balance between price and quality, NDstyle has its own factory in Dalian, China. Traveling from Japan is only 2 hours. Although it is overseas, there is no difference between the factory and the head office in Japan. Taking advantage of the technical capabilities that are possible only in Chinese factories, we are developing initiatives that are not tied to nationality.