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Comic Shelf 90T

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Comic Shelf 90T

Made in Japan. Furniture of simple design.
A super storage compartment shelf realized with two front and rear movable shelves. Comic ·  CD · DVD · A4 files are supported.

-Set the front and rear shelf boards at the same position to store large items (specialty magazines, A4 files), the depth is 29.7 cm, you can also store specialty magazines and A4 size.

-Easy to use and organized - By lowering the shelves 1 to 2 before storage, you can see the back cover of the back book. Easy to use even if you store large quantities in front and back.

-Ideal for displays such as accessories, figures, miscellaneous goods by making the shelves used as cabinets strange. 

-Store a large amount of rear part as stock only Set the movable shelf to the dimensions of the book. By reducing the vertical space between the stored items and the shelf board, the storage capacity can be increased.

-Line up stores of the same width of the same width to store in combination, you can create an integrated storage of "bookshelf + rocest". A low type bookshelf can be connected up and down, it can be wall storage that reaches the ceiling depending on the combination.

CBA-90T Ash

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