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  • S-tipo/42 (base : Black / shade: Walnut)
S-tipo/22 (base : Walnut / shade: Walnut) 
S-tipo/13 (base : Oak / shade: Maple)
  • "King of the Forest"
S-tipo/42 (base : Black / shade: Walnut)
S-tipo/22 (base : Walnut / shade: Walnut) 
S-tipo/13 (base : Oak / shade: Maple)

MOARE Tipo Stand

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Tipo Stand
Designer: Tatsuya Shibutani

Variations that can be freely combined - 28 possible combinations.
You can make variations in the material of the main base and the shade, and enjoy more variations by changing the combination.
This also same to the light, the inclination angle of the shade is designed to allow light distribution of the light bulb as much as possible to the maximum.

We have selected 2 recommended items which are popular in Japan from the 28 combination of Tipo series . For other selections please Email: for order confirmation.

"King of the Forest"
A Tipo Stand using Oak wood as the base. In Europe it is a tree called the King of the Forest from a majestic tree shape, and it is used as a synonym of high-class furniture from long ago.

S-Tipo/11 (base: Oak / shade: Oak)
S-Tipo/12 (base: Oak / shade: Walnut)
S-Tipo/13 (base : Oak / shade: Maple)
S-Tipo/14 (base: Oak / shade: Milky White Glass)
S-Tipo/15 (base: Oak / shade: Clear Glass)
S-Tipo/18 (base: Oak / shade: Hida Shunkeinuri*)

"Popular Walnut Stand"
A Tipo Stand using Walnut wood as the base. It is a popular material with color tone of luxury and Walnut wood grain. It is also recommended for celebrating special people.

S-Tipo/21 (base: Walnut / Shade: Oak)
S-Tipo/22 (base: Walnut / Shade: Walnut)
S-Tipo/23 (base: Walnut / Shade: Maple)
S-Tipo/24 (base: Walnut /Shade: Milky White Glass)
S-Tipo/25 (base: Walnut / Shade: Clear Glass)
S-Tipo/28 (base: Walnut / Shade: Hida Shunkeinuri*)

*Hida Shunkeinuri - Traditional Japanese lacquerware

Material: Walnut · Oak · Maple · Milky White Glass · Clear Glass
Size: W156Φ x H308 mm Weight: Approx 600g
Lamp: 5.8watts LED light bulb Whole light distribution type E17 manufactured by Panasonic Corporation (equivalent to 40watts)
Cord: Black 2 meters with intermediate slide switch

[MOARE Tipo Stand]
Classification: Living Furniture / Household
Luminaires Award Number 15G050446

Judging Committee:
Stand of wooden shades illumination.
In the lamp shade, there are many cases in which transparent materials are selected, but when there is no transparency, it will create a light source close to indirect lighting.
It creates an effective light for directing space and one corner rather than lighting the object or hand.
When this stand lights up, the grain of the support posts beautifully and the straight line of the polygon of the shade appears as a sincere small light.
Stand that pleases the texture of wood skin and wood and compatibility of light.

■ Because it is handmade, depending on the situation it may take up to 3 weeks to complete the product.
■ Because we are using natural materials, there are some differences in actual color, texture, size.
■ Depending on the characteristics of wooden materials, depending on the passage of time and the use environment, sunburn discoloration and warping may occur.
Please refrain from using it especially at the window where the direct sunlight hits or the place where the wind of the air conditioner hits directly.
■ When the product becomes dirty, please clean with a squeezed dry wet cloth followed by wipe off moisture with a dry cloth.
■ The actual product may look different from the color pattern shown in the product photo.


About MOARE Lighting Products (Kakishita Wood Industry Co., Ltd.)
Kakishita is a 60-year-old family-run lighting company whose bread and butter is producing 60,000 wood-edged downlights for household and electrical companies.
With its Moare Lighting Products, it is showcasing new items made up of Japanese washi paper, ceramic, lacquer and metal.

MOARE S-tipo/11