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Moriyoshi Co., Ltd. is a specialized trading company importing curtains, carpets, rugs and carpets (carpet). In Moriyoshi's carpet collection · TRIBUTE, carpets of genres such as bamboo and rattan, casual, antique, classical, etc. using natural materials are deployed.

Leaf design and gentle texture, Belgian accent.

Natural color and leaves are simple and easy to spend.

It comes naturally to Northern Europe taste and natural interior with soft skin texture.

Since polypropylene is used, there are few playing hair, and the length of the pile is moderate so it is easy to clean.

It is colored at the raw material stage before fiber making it high heat resistant temperature and fading due to sunlight is also small.

Heat setting process (bundle fibers by heat treatment, make it soft like wool from its original hardness)

You can use it as a hot carpet.


Data sheet

Pile Length about 11.5 m / Density 131, 200 knot
100% polypropylene (heat set thread)
1) Dimensions:
140 × 200cm
2) Dimensions:
160 × 230cm
3) Dimensions:
200 × 250cm