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Nagano Interior Collection

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Creating the Best, Moment by Moment. One Order, One Story
Furniture cannot be made by one man alone. It takes a team of professionals, each of whom is in charge of a process. Without this the finished furniture does not come out of the line. These professionals engage in their work today more than anything else for the customer who awaits the workmanship.

Each piece makes for one story that begins when an order is placed. Since our inception in 1946, we have continually come up to the customer with uncompromising high quality. Creating the best, moment by moment.

Pride of Quality - Conceived in Japan. Created in Japan
Fine wooden furniture hand-crafted right here in Japan. Everything we do is dedicated to our customers. At Nagano Interior we hand-make our fine pieces, one by one. That’s how we maintain our consistently high quality and stable output. We manufacture everything in-house, right here in Japan. Our highly skilled artisans fulfill small-lot orders for a wide variety of items. We supply outstanding products by carefully balancing the factors of quality, price and reliable delivery.

Durable items that are eco-friendly for many reasons, including because they are meant to last The standard of quality at Nagano Interior includes durability and eco-friendliness. We earn the highly respected designation: “Made in Japan”. We bring you products people can use safely for a long, long time.