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Approx. W325 × D205 × T48mm
W170 × D50 × H230mm
W206 × D48 × H225mm
W160 × D48 × H220mm
W165 × D48 × H245mm
W205 × D48 × H225mm
Walnut, Maple, Oak, Black Cherry, Castor Aralia, Beech, Cornel, Jarrah, Wenge, Mdf
Antibacterial urethane coating
Country origin:


Sasaki Crafts / Door Chimes

A gentle sound tells you every time you open the door.
People's movements are worrisome not only in shops but also at home. I think every mom has the experience that a toddler baby suddenly goes out of the room and gets sick when she's drying the laundry or cooking. However, if you attach a fence, the room will become smaller and the flow line will be cut off, which is very inconvenient. This cute "door melody" solves such problems. The design is like an interior accessory, and the texture of the wood creates a warm atmosphere, so even if you attach it to the door, you will not feel a sense of life. As the door opens and closes, the five bars move like a pendulum, tapping each string softly. Of course, the sound is not the inorganic sound that is often found in digital, but the melody. Nowadays, it is filled with digital sounds, so you can clearly distinguish it without playing such a loud tone. Even if you are in another room, it is a convenient item that allows you to know the movement of people by the sound.

A gentle expression with natural wood grain.
The design is like an interior accessory, and the texture of the wood creates a warm atmosphere. Not only can you attach it to the door, but you can also attach it like an object or a painting in your room. In addition, because each item is made by hand using natural wood, you can enjoy the unique look of each product despite the same design and materials. The range changes slightly depending on the temperature and humidity, and the timbres are not exactly the same. Therefore, no matter how many you install, you can tell which room the door has opened by the sound.

Bringing the kindness of trees closer to you, presented by Sasaki Kogei.
The creator, Sasaki Kogei, is a workshop overlooking the magnificent Daisetsuzan mountain range. Since its founding in 1976, it has a history, and not only work but also woodworking experience classes are open. In addition, it is the first time that the scraps are skillfully used for small crafts, and the smaller scraps are used as fuel. The policy of not wasting any material is born from the spirit of loving wood. The attitude of not pursuing only profit may bring "kindness" to the product.

The cute form makes your room a healing space.
Let's stick to using different wood for each wooden ball that plays the strings. We have a wide variety of materials such as beech and cherry, which are known as famous trees, and rare materials such as wenge and jara. Of course, it is all uncolored solid wood. Even the same product has different grain and color, which is a design created by only one nature in the world. It is also a characteristic of solid wood that the range and timbre change depending on the temperature and humidity and are not necessarily the same.

Not only the shape but also the sound is different in all 6 types.
There are 6 types of designs that will make you feel at home just by looking at them. Ideal for homes, as well as doorbells for general stores, bakeries, cafes, etc. It is also recommended for facilities such as hospitals and nursery schools where you want to avoid loud noises. It is a colorful color scheme based on brown, but it is not colored. It is expressed in the color of the natural tree itself, selected from various tree species. In addition, it is finished in a rustic manner so as to avoid excessive painting and not to spoil the beautiful grain and rich texture.


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* All nocra products are wooden products handcrafted by craftsmen. Please note that the colors and grain of the product may differ from those in the photo due to the use of natural materials.
*Wood pieces may expand and contract depending on humidity.

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