Sasaki Thermo-Hygrometer TM

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TH / HY-TM23-A
Approx. φ235 × T45mm
Antibacterial urethane
Country origin:


Sasaki Craft / Thermo-Hygrometer

Health and power saving management is from knowing the condition of the room in detail.
Indoor temperature and humidity are important items to make your daily life comfortable. Spending time at the wrong temperature and humidity can lead to physical and mental illness and increase the incidence of mold and mites. It can also cause unpleasant symptoms such as dry eyes, skin and throat. To do this, start by placing an accurate and easy-to-read thermo-hygrometer where you can see it. You can be notified of overuse of heating and cooling, which will lead to power saving.
If you want to stick to the interior, the design is still a concern. However, a thermo-hygrometer is meaningless if it is difficult to understand. It is this "Sasaki Kogei" product that achieves the perfect balance between fashion and accuracy. It comes with a clean and easy-to-read white dial, easy-to-read typeface and color, and a "bonus" that allows you to see the proper temperature and humidity at a glance. The mechanical part is surrounded by a thick and plump frame of natural wood, creating a calm atmosphere.

Optimal temperature and humidity control for physical and mental health.
There are two types of thermo-hygrometers available from Sasaki Kogei. This is a TM type with a unique design that moves so that the needles overlap from the left and right. A clever design that shows that it's appropriate to approach the central green zone. The system is easy for children and the elderly to understand, so it seems easy to check clothes. In addition, the atmosphere is perfect not only for homes but also for hospitals and childcare facilities, and I am sure that you will be pleased with the new construction and opening celebrations.

The wall-mounted and stand- type stand is also made of wood.
Of course, there are many people who live in condominiums for rent because it is difficult to make holes in the walls, so all of these products have been finished as "hanging and hanging". Since there is a hole for hanging on the back side, please use it by hooking it on your own hook. Also, when placing it, just pull out the legs attached to the back side and lean against it. In either case, you can install it immediately, so you don't have to worry about running out of parts and not being able to install it.

The warmth of wood and the sense of security of Japanese products.
The thermo-hygrometer is accurate and durable "made in Japan". There are many fashionable designs for overseas products, but it may be difficult to understand because there is also a “= Fahrenheit” indication. It is also a fact that some products are very fragile. It can be said that it is made in Japan that boasts the world's highest level at an affordable price. Also, the material of the frame you care about is "Tamo". The wood grain, which is clear but has no sarcasm and feels good, is safe because it fits easily into any Japanese or Western interior.

Comes with a seasonal temperature and humidity guide plate.
The same temperature and humidity are not comfortable all year round. Therefore, a table is included as a guide for both types. It's a fashionable design with no sense of life, so even if you display it side by side, it will not spoil the design. In addition, the beautiful frame is painted with high-quality urethane so as not to spoil the wood surface and rich texture, gently protecting the product from dirt and scratches in everyday use. Of course, the grain of natural wood is different for each product. Please enjoy its individuality.


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* All nocra products are wooden products handcrafted by craftsmen. Please note that the colors and grain of the product may differ from those in the photo due to the use of natural materials.
*Wood pieces may expand and contract depending on humidity.

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