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SIFFLUS 3-Way Freestanding Portable Hammock

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SIFFLUS 3-Way Freestanding Portable Hammock SFF-04

We deliver luxurious everyday with hammock and chair, and 3 Way hammock of hanger rack. The beautiful wood grain stand which is familiar with the room well is a point hammock set can enjoy enough as an interior as well as outdoor. Since it is easy to assemble the stand, you can use it in various scenes according to the application.

Enjoy hammocks and chairs in your room
You can use it indoors as well as outdoor. Why not try luxurious everyday being shaken by a hammock & chair.

Wood grain stand
A beautiful wood grain stand with easy texture is familiar to the furniture of the room, and delivers warmth unique warmth to the space.

Dressing up indoors fashionably
By hanging the attached hanger lot on the stand, you can use it as a hanger rack. It is a set of hammocks snuggled to the lifestyle.

Easy assembly
It's easy to assemble, so you can assemble smoothly without indoor or outdoor enjoyment.

Convenient storage bag
Contains convenient carrying bag for carrying. Folding the stand, put the fabric for the hammock & chair, you can go out like a backpack.

Adopted unique strong hook to increase safety
Siff adopted original strong hook that improved safety and strength as it is without comfort and rocking comfort (from the model of 2016) We also supported the Hammock Theater with SFF - 05 roof with specification UP.

Reliable load capacity
Although we have completed the test of static load capacity of 300 kg at the public inspection agency in Japan, we have established the quality standard (load bearing) in consideration of customers' safety.This product is for one person hammock. Please do not use with more than two people.

  • Avoid extreme loads on one side.
  • For safety, please do not stand on the hammock.
  • Please do not jump on when you use, please sit slowly.
item name 3WAY freestanding portable hammock
Part number SFF-04
brand Sifflus
Product size (approx) 2450 x 780 x 850 mm
Weight (approx) 8500 g
※ When using hammock
When using the chair Size (approx) 1210 × 780 × 1085 mm (8,000 g)
Storage bag · Folding size (approx) 1150 × 170 × 125 mm (storage time 9, 750 g)
Cloth size for hammock (approx) 1830 × 1420 mm
Fabric size for chairs (approx) 665 × 1390 mm
Object height (approx) 180 cm or less
Load bearing capacity (approx.) 100 kg or less
set content Stand, fabric for hammock, fabric for chair, hanger rod, storage bag
Material Stand: steel, hanger rod: fabric for aluminum, hammock Fabric for chair: cotton, polyester, storage bag: polyester