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Not only "washable", High-performance mattress. Mattress light wave with the innovative function of washing. The cleanness that lasts by washing and the repulsive force that supports the sleeping body completely revolutionizes the comfort of sleeping and the moment you get up in the morning.

Three-dimensional network resin high-resilience mattresses, which were born in 2007 with the patented technology of Seange we partnered with, now dominate the mattress market. Three-dimensional network mattress made by various brands including Lightwave that we manufacture and sell. While there are many types of mattresses, such as Bonner coil, pocket coil, low-resilience urethane ... and mattresses, why are three-dimensional network mattresses growing their sales dramatically? The reason is the overwhelming ability to support the body and the pressure distribution performance, which fundamentally changes the quality of sleep logically.




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