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Designer: Mr Mori Nobuo

LISCIO - Its flowing curved surface leads to comfortable kindness and pleasant tenderness. We aimed to create a series of furniture that is comfortable to touch and easy to use, while expressing the beauty of the natural grain of wood.
All items are assembled and employ a knock-down method by using the included hex wrench. Stools and side tables can be stacked.

The making of furniture that will be irreplaceable in the everyday life.
Smooth and beautiful curves reminiscent of natural landscapes and sculptures, and the smooth touch created by the warmth and careful handwork unique to wood.
Our furniture features a natural design that fits comfortably into any space, and a gentle texture that soothes each time you use it.
We are also pursuing ease of use in modern lifestyles, such as adopting a knock-down method that is easy to assemble, and making stools and side tables that can be stacked and stored easily.
Furniture itself does not insist on individuality, but blends into any living and brings happiness to casual daily life with the comfort and ease of use when touched. In such a way, we aim to make furniture that will be something indispensable and irreplaceable.

LISCIO その流れるような曲面は心地よい優しさと心地よい優しさをもたらします。自然な木目を表現しながら、手触りがよく使いやすい家具シリーズを目指しました。



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