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A design that creates the story of life using wood and box.

It was the beginning of MOTO+ that the designer Mr. Makoto Koizumi considered "What can be done more in furniture?". In addition to the design of the furniture itself, the furniture can be redesigned by placing it.

Design a floor plan for "living, eating, sleeping" by dividing the studio space. How to use the room depends on how the furniture is placed. Since it is just being placed, it can be easily moved and redesigned. If you are thinking of a new house, think of it as a simple box. Design the furniture that creates a room, so you can plan to change the layout according to the growth of children and family in the future.

MOTO+ is a design that can be harmonized with any room. Although simple, it creates a space rich with expression of wood grain and texture made of vertical and horizontal surfaces.


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