Japan who has kept worship forest and mountain as god from ancient times.
In Japan, surrounded by the sea, forest has also evolved independently,
and trees that have survived the history of thousands of years are still rooted.
Japanese premium furniture that feels sternal breath of nature, it is a gift from the forest of Japan, “ITAKURA”.

Since our establishment in 1918, our company is a strong company for timber that has built up a track record in Gifu, a country of woods.
All employees have traditionally inherited their commitment to wood and are active every day as a connoisseur of wood.
As for solid single board, there are always more than 6,000 kinds of 150 tree species in the company, and this volume is the number one in the region. 


弊社は1918年の創業以来、木の国岐阜という地で、 木ひとすじの熱い思いを持ちながら実績を積み上げてきた木材に強い会社です。
社員も皆木材へのこだわりを伝統的に受け継ぎ、 木の目利きとして日々活躍しています。
無垢一枚板に関しては、社内に常時150樹種6,000枚以上品揃えをしており、 このボリュームは地域ナンバー1といえ、


Famous house making considering natural materials


Yamagataya Industry began with the founder who owns some mountain, cut down logs from them and transported them to the city of Gifu and Nagoya for the post-war reconstruction. Along with the changes of the times, we are focusing not only on times, but also building materials and various support services for the local construction companies. We always have passion for everyone about life for wellness, health and nature life.


Solid single boards and logs are also one of our strengths.


Solid slabs or logs are also one of our strengths. It is great to taste the atmosphere of nature, but on the other hand, it’s hard to estimate or manufacture them, and furthermore trained craftsmen have decreased year after year with the reduction of Japanese-style rooms, Awe are constantly offer logs and slabs with drying naturally over 6,000 slabs on warehouse and we can process by ourselves from estimates to manufacturing and delivery.


Gifu prefecture is Japan’s largest innocent single board market


In this kind of slabs or logs of Japanese solid wood, we conduct our business with the aim of becoming No. 1 in Japan. Because, our area Gifu has the biggest wood market of hardwood in Japan. It brings thousands of buyers come together from all over country every months and the chairman of this market to deal with them is our company’s president. So, as a position to manage the Japanese solid wood market. All our development efforts are now focused onto proposing this Japanese beautiful wood abroad.

 私たちの強みは、このような無垢一枚板の種類と量、そして加工技術です。私たちは、日本の無垢一枚板においてNo.1を目指した事業展開を行っています。岐阜県は日本一大きな無垢一枚板の市場があり、無垢一枚板のメッカであるため、全国からバイヤーが集います。そしてその無垢一枚板を扱う市場の理事長を弊社の社長が務めています。 だから、日本一の市場を切り盛りする立場として、わたしたちは今、この日本固有の美しい木を、海外へ提案する事にとても力を入れています。

Made in Japan quality sticking to “real”


Furniture of single plates of solid wood is not able to be mass-produced, but what draws the attraction of customers is that there is only one product in the world. And all of our products are made by hand of wood specialist and skilled craftsman from the selection of wood to finishing the wood one by one. So, it is not suitable for mass marketing or sales in wide area. However, we can solve this problem. Constantly stocked over 150 tree species and 6000 or more single plates of solid wood, processing is done by skilled Japanese craftsman more than 30 years experiences. Only in our company we can arrange from selection of wood to their deliveries, and we have many experiences of domestic or overseas order record. Our strong point is the “authenticity-oriented“ Made-in-Japan quality production.

無垢一枚板の家具は、世界に一つしか作れませんが、ユーザーにとってオンリーワンのプロダクトであるのが、最大の魅力です。反面、一枚一枚違う無垢一枚板の家具製作は木の選定から加工仕上げにいたるまで、木の目利きや熟練した職人の手作業で全て行うため、普通であれば大量販売、広域販売には向きません。しかし、わたしたちなら解決可能です。 常時150樹種6000枚以上の無垢一枚板を品揃えし、加工職人は歴30年以上の熟練した日本の職人が行います。要望に合う木の選定から加工仕上げまで弊社1社のみで一貫して手配可能であり、素材から加工まで徹底して「本物」にこだわった、メイドインジャパン品質の商品生産ができます。


1. Adjust dimensions

We will make final arrangements of dimensions determined by customer’s request. We will also make detailed arrangements on how to crack etc.



2. Process with planer our strengths.

Craftsmen with good skill carefully look at each and finish it. We will correct the warp which is easy to put on a solid board and adjust the thickness as well.



3. Process with sander

The craftsman finishes the surface up to the stage before painting. There is no roughness even when touching by hand.



4. Repair of cracks

Craftsmen repair all small cracks by hand.



5. Painting

Craftsmen repeat painting and scraping by 4 to 5 steps by hand in both oil finishing and urethane painting.



6. Completion

It is completed with the legs attached. Iron legs, wooden legs and various types are available.


Finish Painting 仕上げ塗装


Oil finish オイル仕上げ

It is a painting that soaks oil into the cells of the tree. It is a natural paint that is less susceptible to dirt, such as water and dust, does not impede the breathing of trees, and feels close to the skin and feels natural. However, it is more susceptible to water and dirt than urethane coating, and is vulnerable to scratches. This paint is ideal for deepening dirt and scratches that have been used for many years as "antique" and "taste".



Urethane paint ウレタン塗装

This is a paint that coats the surface of the wood by creating a paint film with urethane. Repels dirt such as water and dust, and the touch is smooth. Depending on the type of urethane and the number of paintings, you can choose from a variety of paintings to suit your taste, such as normal urethane, heat-resistant urethane, urethane with high surface hardness, matte finish, and gloss. 
However, there is no feel and feel close to the original wood like oil painting. If you want to use it in a heavy-use place or if you want to make it easier to clean, this paint is perfect.



Indigo dye 藍染め

Indigo dye is a dyed product that uses indigo pigments contained in plants. In the old days, it was also a color that Sengoku samurai liked and wrestled with. It is called “-JAPANESE BLUE” and has a history of about 6500 years. The indigo-dyed one board from Itakura was finished with an indigo from Tokushima Prefecture, the indigo-producing area, in pursuit of the ultimate Japanese beauty. After indigo dyeing, finish with urethane paint.

藍染とは、植物に含まれる藍色の色素を利用した染物のことです。また、昔は戦国武士が好んで身に付け、戦に臨んだ色でもありました。「-JAPANESE BLUE」と呼ばれ、約6500年の歴史を持っています。板蔵の藍染一枚板は、無垢一枚板を藍染産地の徳島県の藍で仕上げ、究極の日本の美を追求しました。藍染めをした後、ウレタン塗装をして最終仕上げをします。


Piano painting ピアノ塗装

Indigo mirror coating is used for super-brand store fixtures and custom-made furniture in luxury apartments and houses. In other words, it is the highest rank of woodwork painting, the king of painting. The piano mirror coating (polyester resin mirror coating) process has more than 16 processes, so the coating film is deeper than normal coating. Since the surface hardness is as hard as 2H-3H, it is also hard to scratch. The unique luster that combines smoothness and heavyness is the result of craftsmanship. Repels dirt such as water and dust, and the touch is smooth. The brightness of the fluorescent lights on the ceiling clearly reflects the real mirror.



 Resin レジン

It is a synthetic resin, which is in a liquid state but has the property of being cured by sunlight. You can use this material to fill holes. The liquid can also be colored, broadening the possibilities of single-plate design.

合成樹脂のことで、液体の状態ですが、太陽光で硬化するという特性があります。この素材を使って穴をうめることができます。 液には色を付けることも可能で、一枚板のデザインの可能性を幅広くすることができます。


Plant dyeing 草木染め

Plant dyeing is a finish dyed with liquid pigments (natural pigments) extracted from natural plants (some insects). Oil is used for finishing after dyeing. Please enjoy the unprecedented delicate and vibrant colors of “Japanese” woven by “natural dyes”, “natural paint” based on vegetable oil, and “natural wood”. After plant dyeing, finish with urethane coating.




Astringent 柿渋

Persimmon juice is a liquid that can be taken from the fruit of astringents, and is a natural paint that has antibacterial, antiseptic, insecticidal, and waterproofing effects while keeping the characteristics of wood. Overpainting will darken the color and will change to a deeper color over time.




Lacquered 漆塗り

Lacquering is the processing of sap collected from lacquered wood and applying natural resin paint. Completely hardened lacquer becomes hard like urethane coating. Also, if it is completely solidified, there is no worry about rashes or allergies, so children can use it with peace of mind. In addition to its appearance, it has excellent antibacterial and antiseptic properties. By applying lacquer to a single plate, the distinctiveness of Japan, luxury and the beauty of the material are highlighted.


Wood Slab

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