TAKUMI KOHGEI Flex Partition Joint Cap

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Flex Cap
Stainless steel
W4.9 x D2.6 x H4.9cm
Country of Origin:



Partitions that not only separate spaces, but also design.

I want a little private space in my large living room or office. What comes in handy in such cases is a partition that allows you to easily divide your room. However, it is difficult to find a stylish design that has an interior feel. Here is what we recommend for those people. This partition has a stylish design that will completely change the atmosphere of your room. The designer is Kenichi Sato. After studying architecture and art mainly overseas and gaining experience at famous architectural design firms such as SOM, he currently runs the ``PLY PROJECT'', which uses thinned wood. Through these efforts, we obtained a patent for the new material ``Flex,'' and subsequently launched the brand ``Flex Series,'' and this is one of its lineups. This series is characterized by a silhouette made of gently curved surfaces and soft plywood. Please experience the design that is unrivaled by other partitions, and the smooth form that will make you forget that it is made of wood.


The atmosphere makes you want to call it an object rather than a partition.

FLEX PARTITION casually separates the living room and dining room. If you have such a wonderful partition, the people who live there will definitely think you are a stylish person. Therefore, it is used not only at home, but also in a variety of settings such as offices, stores, hospitals, and hotels. The secret to its popularity is its Japanese-Western design, which is very unique yet has a standard atmosphere that you won't get tired of, making it a masterpiece that is supported by people of all generations.


Gently divide the space using precious wood

You can choose from four different materials: oak, walnut, cherry, and cina. The width is 93cm for all types, and the height is 120/150/180cm. 120cm allows you to see through the line of sight, and 180cm completely blocks it.


The secret to drawing an arc freely is the vertical notch.

The secret to its ability to freely draw arcs even though it is made of wood lies in the orderly alternating cuts made on the surface. Furthermore, a polyethylene foaming agent is sandwiched between the trees to increase flexibility and strength. As the name ``flex = flexibility'' suggests, its uses can expand depending on the ideas of the user. For example, it can be used as a simple boardroom or conference room in an office, or as a partition between the living room and the kitchen at home. You can also easily create a private space in your one-room apartment.


When not in use, it can be stored without taking up space.

When not in use, you can roll it up and store it compactly as shown in the photo. Storing that big partition is a hassle not only at home but also in the office. What's more, most office partitions weigh over 10 kg, but the lightweight feel makes it easy to install even for women and the elderly. The gentle atmosphere and stylish design make it perfect for restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and other spaces where quality is important, and it would also be a great addition to celebrate openings.


Regardless of the number of partitions, one dedicated stand is required at each end. There is no limit to the number of concatenated sheets.
We recommend using the joint cap when you are looking for a stronger sense of stability. The installation location is the joint at the top of the partition.
Please note that partitions cannot be installed in a straight line.